I studied journalism in school and found that it was often hard to make myself fit into a box. Plus, I never really knew what side of the media I wanted to be on: Did I want to report the news, or did I want to BE the news? I think good journalism is a combination of journalism and PR. I believe in journalism as artistic expression.

Journalism is my kind of art. I’d like 2 help others express themselves creatively through journalism—a combo of creative writing, poetry, music and song lyrics, mixed media and multimedia art.

With new media, there is room to grow. You can report from the center of your own experiences. Really we are never without our own experiences. We feign objectivity, but our own experiences shape the way we cover stories. In the web 2.0 world, there is no reason to pretend not be the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Objectivity happens. And, people forgive a little swayed vision if over time you show yourself to be someone who is overall concerned with showing “truth” in its many forms, someone who has an overall desire to uplift humankind.

Journalists have a number of resources at our fingertips. We can travel far and wide, have access to equipment and technology that can present clear images and sounds to the public. Oprah often says, “Use your celebrity.” Let’s use our access to help others. I’d like to help others tell their stories and make a profit from it as freelancers. More good will come to and from the profession when more people use their own power for the greater good.

So, where does that leave us? I love it when I hear of people who pick up their pens, their computers or their laptops, their cameras or their camera phones and tell stories about the world they see. Journalists have the ability to connect worlds. That’s where the power comes from, in some ways. We get to be the eyes and ears of the world and help the world reconnect with itself.

I want journalism that incorporates poetry, music, songs, lyrics, academic principles of writing, quotes from books, citing authors whose words speak to real-life issues. I want a journalism that is human, creative and forgiving. We can handle the responsibility.