More Reasons Why Everybody Is A Journalist

Solidarity.  I’ve got quite a big opinion on the idea that Everybody Is A Journalist™, so much so in fact that I started a biz of the same name. That’s why I enjoyed “In The Twitter-Tumblr World, Everybody Is A Journalist” by Anu Parthasarthy on Telhelka:

Today’s journalist has to do a lot more research, and dive deeper into issues, to build credibility and hold an audience; just the fact that he is affiliated with a big name publication, or the impression that he is supposedly neutral will not get him page views any longer! Yet it is a great opportunity for many who once aspired to be journalist, but got stuck in other professions as it happens invariably in India! Go ahead and start writing —if that is what you always wanted to do — you never know where you will reach one day. Tomorrow’s best-known journalist might just be a lawyer or a marketing executive today.


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