On Reading Donda West’s “Raising Kanye”

Someone once said that reading is a social act. Even though we might read alone, we are still interacting when we read–with the characters, the intentions of the author. As such, I felt I was interacting with her while I read, even as she looks down from heaven. I could tell that she was and in spirit is a smart, smart lady. As well as funny.

I’d wanted to read the book ever since I saw an interview she did with rollingout.com back when the book was published in 2007, where she talked about self-actualization through art. And, when I heard her say those terms, I completely got it. I completely understood how our artistic expression can help us become self-actualized, realizing our full potential. That concept, along with some words of wisdom I received from a guest when I was working as a cashier at a vegetarian restaurant (“It’s important that people refer to themselves as artists because that helps them accept their responsibility [to serve others].”) helped me decide the concept that I wanted the work I do to serve: Journalism as Artistic Expression. It guides my belief that Everybody Is A Journalist.





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