Just Finished Reading Modelland by Tyra Banks

I recently finished reading Modelland by Tyra Banks.  It’d been many years since I last read non-fiction literature; it was quite fun to let my imagination travel to the places the characters in the book were going.  I loved how Tookie, the main character, eventually came to see herself as a bella.  That’s what is so magical about the preparatory academy of Modelland in the book, and what has always been magical about America’s Next Top Model, Ms. Banks’ real-life platform for training young women to become superstars: those moments when the participants start to see that their dreams are real.  I love it.

With Modelland, Ms. Banks tapped into something that I feel is both spiritual and ancient.  I think that’s what creative works do, make something new and useful out of what is timeless. For example, as I read the book, I thought often of the ancient Egyptian goddess named Het Heru.  Her colors are gold and green (both dominant colors, along with blue, on the Modelland book cover).  She represents beauty, femininity, joy, creativity, sensuality, artistry, imagination; and if you cross her, she becomes fierce― forces that I’d say come through throughout Modelland.  She is also often depicted adorned with a sacred eye, which reminded me of the SMIZE.

As you can see, I’m a fan of that game-changing element known as the SMIZE.

These are just a few of the connections I made.  I’d love to know what Ms. Banks thinks about the spiritual connectivity of her work.

I’m so proud of Tyra!

The fact that she’s been able to wrap experiences from her big life and imagination into a story that children and adults can enjoy, really inspires me.  It keeps me dreaming.

Learn more about Modelland!  Check out the Google+ chat with Tyra Banks that inspired me to buy the book:


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