A Show Unlike Any Other: Ariel and Shya Kane on Being Here, Part III… How Did You Meet?

We’ve had great conversations in our four-part blog series with Ariel and Shya Kane, the couple whose Internet radio show, Being Here, helps listeners discover how to live in the moment through Instantaneous Transformation

As someone who loves to see happy couples, I was instantaneously inspired by the love that they share and how they use that love to help others.

So, we asked them about it!

Q:  Seeing the two of you together provides wonderful images for me as someone in your audience because it’s clear that you enjoy each other, work well together and have a common purpose.  How did you two meet, and how did you know that you were right for each other?

Response from Ariel and Shya Kane:

Follow along by reading Part I and Part II of this four-part series.  Stay tuned for Part IV!


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