A Show Unlike Any Other: Ariel and Shya Kane on Being Here, Part II

We’re continuing our four-part blog conversation featuring Ariel and Shya Kane, whose Internet radio show, Being Here, I believe, is unlike any other out there.

Through their show, Ariel and Shya help listeners discover how to live in the moment. Rather than “working on yourself” to fix what you perceive as problems, to Ariel and Shya it’s about Instantaneous Transformation.

Their approach to Instantaneous Transformation by way of living life in the moment comes down to this:

1. Anything you resist will persist, grow stronger and dominate your life.
2. You can only be exactly as you are in the current moment of now.
3. Anything that you allow to be as it is, COMPLETES itself.

So, we asked them:

How did you narrow down the principles of Instantaneous Transformation to just three?

Do you find people have a hard time grasping any one principle more than the others?

Response from Ariel and Shya Kane:

Click here to read Part One of this conversation.



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3 responses to “A Show Unlike Any Other: Ariel and Shya Kane on Being Here, Part II

  1. Hey Ciara. Thanks for sharing these interviews. All of the principles have had a profound effect on me. When I was listening to Ariel and Shya’s show, “Save Me,” a part of their conversation really resonated with me regarding the first principle. Right now, I have work to do (as I did when I first heard that show) and I became distracted by some distressing thoughts (also, as I did when I first heard the show)–what helped me see it another way was hearing the caller say: “I try to resist my stressful thoughts so I can get to work, but I end up more unproductive and stressed that way. I wish someone could save me from my thoughts” and Shya responded: “No, you don’t try to resist your thoughts so you can get to work, you try to resist your thoughts so you don’t have to work. You don’t want someone to save you from your thoughts, you want someone to save you from your work.” And, then Ariel went on to say, if you need to take a break, take a break, make it a conscious decision, but don’t create a dialogue between you and your other stresses to avoid work. And, when I was listening to their “Buy a Ticket” show today, Shya was explaining to a caller that he didn’t realize that he didn’t like being told what to do, even by himself, and he avoided his work as a way of not listening to that dominating voice. Hearing all of these things made me more conscious of how I resist tasks in my life and following the 4th principle, compassion with myself, has helped me move through them. And, I can see why Shay says in this video that people often have difficulty with the 3rd principle because we feel like we should be actively making change to resolve a problem. And, it also reminded me of another point Ariel made in the “Buy a Ticket” show which is, when you let go of control, you’re actually in control. When I let go of trying to have things unfold the way I want them to and accept what is, in a non-judgemental way, I’m not at the mercy of my thoughts or attitude towards the situation. Plus, the non-judgemental, loving me, is my true self anyway, so, when I can’t get in that space, I really am in control.

  2. blogofciaracalbert

    What I thought was funny (on the “Buy a Ticket” show, I believe) was when a man called in and was saying that he thought he was having some trouble being in the moment. He liked setting aside time to do some planning for work. But, based on what he thought was living in the moment, he thought he was doing something wrong. He said, “I thought that being in the moment meant that you just kind of sit there passively.” And, Shya said, “Being in the moment doesn’t mean that you’re ‘Blissed Out’.” I thought it was funny because I realized that I kind of thought that, too.

  3. The funny thing about being in the moment for me is that I don’t realize until after the fact. If I think to myself in the moment, “hey, I’m really in the moment” I think that would put me out of the moment. When I look back on the work I do with my non-profit, work on things we like to talk about like brand development, or really getting into a good song and I remember that I lost track of time and was totally free from self-consciousness or insecurity, I realize I was in the moment.

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