Plea to Oprah: Everybody Is A Journalist™ on OWN TV

Hello Oprah,

I’ve been reading so much about OWN lately, and just finished the interview that Susan Casey did with you about the new network in the latest issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.  I also read that you still need about 9,000 hours of programming for the Oprah Winfrey Network.  I have the ideal show:  Everybody Is A Journalist™.

I just won a national contest for best business concept with this idea, through a program sponsored by UNITY Journalists of Color and the Ford Foundation.  (A link to the announcement of winners is here:

This is a program about helping everyday people pick up their pens, their computers or their laptops, their cameras or their camera phones, and tell stories about the world they see.

Journalists have the ability to connect worlds.  That’s where the power comes from, in some ways.  We get to be the eyes and ears of the world and help the world reconnect with itself.

We’ll create works of journalism that incorporate poetry, music, events, songs, lyrics, academic principles of writing or researching, quotes from books, citing authors whose words speak to real-life issues.  We’ll create a journalism that is human, creative and forgiving.  We can handle the responsibility!


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