Fashionably Green

After this highly politically charged week, I hope you’re having a fashionable Friday. Keep it cute, and enjoy a guest post from my dear friend, Victoria R. Watkins, Esq. of  B.A.F.F.L.E.D. 

Over the last few years, saving the environment and “going green” have become major fixtures in our society.  From creating green jobs to building eco-friendly structures, going green is the new in thing!

With conservation becoming so prevalent, there’s no way the fashion industry would be left out.  One of the main attractions in shopping and retail these days is the “shopper”.  Shoppers are reusable shopping bags, which have taken on even more personality and fashion sense as they’ve started to show up Everywhere!

Bloomingdales recently released their own limited edition shopping bag, for the eagerly green shopper.  Many grocery stores and large scale retailers are offering their own bags at low rates for consumers to save on plastic.  Like everything else is fashion, you can even create your own personalized shopper with Green Bagz!  

Fashion weeks across the globe have put their stamp on going green.  Fashion shows and industry events have given shoppers away and promoted the use of reusable bags.  

The importance of going green and being fashionable are now paired hand in hand.  You can carry your fashionable shopper anywhere you go, save on plastic, and protect the environment.  Now that’s fashion savvy!

Check out the 10 Best Reusable Green Shopping Bags!

Your fashionable green shopper:  Don’t leave home without it!



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3 responses to “Fashionably Green

  1. you know, i am still very paranoid about walking through a store and popping my items into a bag that i’m toting around with me. lol but i suppose that could be rectified at the checkout, by transferring my items from cart to my personal bag. 🙂

    nice post! 🙂

  2. @Vicky Me, too!

    @OElfalan I know what you mean. I’m still getting used to it myself. But, now that they’ve started charging $0.05 for plastic bags, I’m adjusting quicker. I’ve seen some cute ones and I’m thinking about getting a new one.

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