Dear Karyn

Dear Karyn,

How are you? I am fine.  I am writing this blog post in a way that is similar to the letters we used to write back in the day when you were at college and I was in grade school.  I would tell you about my parents, family, boys, friends, Everything!  And, you would always help me put things in perspective.

You would ask what I wanted for my birthday and I would tell you.  I would maybe add extra pages for drawings or make you a Word Search puzzle.  At the end of the letters, if there were still more to say, we would include a “P.S.”, sometimes to the point that we had a bunch of “P.S.S”’s or “P.P.S.S”’s.  You would end your letters with “Love you bunches.”

Do you remember how you would take the train to go back to school in Carbondale, and Marlene, AJ and I would stay at the train station to watch your train pull off?  Did you know that we used to cry, especially the first time? One time Marlene asked, “Okay, so what do we want to do? Do we want to stay here and cry, or do we want to go get pizza?”  We said, “Stay here and cry a little longer and then go get pizza.”

I have another memory for you.  One time when I was alone in the toy room at Marlene’s house, you came in and noticed that I looked a little sad.  When you asked what was wrong, I said, “No one ever wants to play with me.”  You said, “Well, what do you like to do?” I said, “I like to draw and play with puzzles.”  You said, “Well, I like to draw and play with puzzles, too”.  That meant the world to me, and was exactly what I needed to hear right then.

I am glad that we still share so much.  I am glad that we are so similar.  It means the world for me to get to visit with you in California, and to get to talk with you and share life stories.  I’m glad that we text now, similar to how we used to write letters.  And, still you end with “Love you bunches”.

I love you bunches, Karyn.





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2 responses to “Dear Karyn

  1. That was a tear-jerker. I’m happy to see such a beautiful relationship.

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