Mohawks and 50’s Hair

I think 50’s-style, giant, round curls mixed with today’s Mohawks will be a hot look.

When I went to see the beautician, I asked her to give me big round curls like in the movies set in NY, where there’s a lady who has these curlers in her hair and shouts out the window, wagging her finger at the children in the street, telling them to keep quiet.

Once she gave me those curls, I told her that my overall look was to have the curls swept into a Mohawk. She bobby-pinned me right up.

I wore this hairstyle to a work event that typically attracts an older crowd because I wanted to show that styles that young people typically wear–mo-hawks and the like–have a place in professional settings.

What is professionalism, really? Just about anything can be professional if you wear it right. Professionalism and personality can and do coexist.

The day of the event, my hair frizzed up a little, so it was even bigger. I was okay with that because my hair is naturally quite curly. So, I felt I looked more like myself.

Plus, I adore big hair.



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2 responses to “Mohawks and 50’s Hair

  1. if the makeup is good, the outfit and attitude are highly professional, then i’m in agreement. 🙂

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