Baby Spider Man, Little Abazi

Dear God, 

I haven’t thanked you enough for the time that I’ve gotten to spend with D’Jhanir.  It is an honor.  It’s been like watching a Cabbage Patch doll.  That’s where the Abazi comes into play–my Aunt used to have a cabbage patch doll collection in which one of the little boy dolls was named (they came with completed birth certificates) Abazi. Now, I’ve only spent two weeks with him.  But, this isn’t the first time I’ve watched him.  What surprised me this time is that watching/taking care of him still felt ultimately like playing with cabbage patch dolls.  Even after all of this time.  He’s not a baby anymore, but it still felt fun to play with him and dress him up.  I remember this one day that I played with one of my aunt’s cabbage patch dolls.  I got so wrapped up in my imagination that I even asked for a quarter so that I could put the doll on a pony (all by herself).  I used to have my own cabbage patch doll named Julie.  I loved her so much that to this day, anytime I meet a person named Julie–she is usually all right with me.  We’ve always hit it off.

I guess playing with dolls really is good practice for taking care of children.  It sounds like the process of raising children is overly simplified, but I guess if couples can still find joy in each other by remembering/staying in tune with the way they were when the met or fell in love, then parents/caregivers can still find new exciting elements of child-rearing by remembering how fun it was to play with dolls (if, of course, playing with dolls was your thing).


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