Nawlins is a Trip

I like what I’ve seen.  I’m looking for a nice cultural experience.  I’ve been eatin’ up a little of everything.  Before I left, people asked me what I was going to eat while I was here.  I said jokingly, “Critters.”  And today, the waitress said critters.  It was funny.  I attended a nice session on HR Blogging today.  Makes my heart warm.  

I was telling a friend that I want to see a little bit of this, a little bit of that–art show, maybe go on a tour, maybe even go see the ocean.  As I sit here, I think… maybe I wouldn’t mind just seeing myself to the bed so that I can take a li’l nap. 

I took a photo of Nawlins, as I’ve seen it at quasi-sunrise…which shows that I have been getting up regularly at nearly the crack of dawn.  It’s all good because I think that the early mornings are good for me.  I’d like to incorporate them more into my life.  They are there anyway.  I might as well take full conscious (as opposed to sub-conscious) part in them.  

Thanks for “being here” with me as I tell my story.  Enjoy the New Orleans sunrise.  I entered this photo in a contest hosted by and Bennett’s Camera!  

Gosh, I really like New Orleans!



New Orleans Riverside

New Orleans Riverside


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  1. I think that’s cool!!!! Go Nawlins!

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